zw3rk operated pools
    ZW3RK pool
    The ZW3RK pool is operated to fund Continuous Integration servers for GHC and other haskell projects.
    The fixed fee is 340, and the margin 1%, with the hope to cover the costs for running Linux, macOS,
    and hopefully soon Windows and *BSD CI servers.
    We currently provide:
    - 3 x x86_64-linux
    - 1 x aarch64-linux
    - 1 x aarch64-darwin
    The ZW3RK pool should generat competitive rewards, while funding the server and operation of GHC
    Continuous Integration.
    HASK pool
    The HASK pool is operated to fund produce continuous funding for the Haskell Foundation. 
    The fixed fee is 340, margin 1%, 9% retention and 90% funding.
    This pool will *not* earn stakers any rewards, all rewards will be collected. 9% of the
    collected rewards go towards building an endowment, and 90% of the rewards will be donated
    to the Haskell Foundation on an interval that still needs to be determined.